10 Years and Over 1,000,000 Referrals Processed

Whether you are focused on clinical integration, participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, or managing delegated Medicare Advantage risk, care coordination is of primary importance to you. Proximare’s clinical rules based referral management platform was developed and has been used by clinicians and their teams for over 10 years to provide the ultimate in care coordination functionality by integrating the following capabilities into a single automated technology platform:

At Proximare we are dedicated to working with front line clinical teams to perfect our system and optimize the related workflow unique to each organization. As the thousands of clinicians that use our platform on a daily basis can attest, we are focused on getting results , not just identifying where opportunity exists.

How Is Proximare Different?

Many companies tout the ability to solve your referral management challenges, however most fall short of delivering the full cycle of support you need to succeed as an accountable care organization or an organization dedicated to clinical integration. Proximare’s roots date back to 2001 when we worked with a large health system in Chicago to improve their control of the referral process from end-to-end. Not only did we solve for the complexities of keeping patients within the system but we also developed a clinical rules engine to validate the appropriateness of the referral in the first place. Since that time we have worked with several other organizations, both large and small, to help them manage the health of their populations by getting under control one of their largest areas of clinical variation: specialty referrals.

Why You Should Choose Proximare

  • The only clinical protocol based referral management platform in the market
  • Out of the box clinical protocols covering the referral needs of over 100 specialties and sub-specialties
  • Proven performance for organization’s that are incented to manage population health
  • Ability to extend technology, tools and processes to both employed and affiliate clinicians
  • An at scale end-to-end referral management platform for analyzing and managing the logistics and utilization of specialty care
  • Integrated platform that delivers operational efficiencies while improving physician and patient engagement